Fortnite working codes and promo codes

Fortnite is a game designed specifically for mobile phones. Part of the game can be played for free. Some items need to be purchased for money, such as game currency, weapons, skins, and some of them can be taken for free. For this, special codes are taken, updated from time to time. Below are the active codes for Fortnite as of May 2023.


A little about the game

The plot of the game is classic. A purple cloud of unknown nature has turned most of the Earth's population into zombies. The player must lead the base in which the surviving people remained after the space one. Zombies are attacking the base. They must be liquidated. The game can be played by one player or by the whole company.

In addition, the game has a "Royal battle". In it, 100 session players are sent to the island. They fight among themselves until one survivor remains.

Fortnite working codes for May 2023: how to get for free



To get the current code in Fortnite, you do not need to transfer money, subscribe to channels, put likes.

Promotions are regularly held by developers. At the moment, the reward can be taken for the following actions:

  • completing tasks: skins, emotions and v-bucks;
  • Fortnite Squad Entry: $1 each month
  • taking part in weekly events: additional presents;
  • Purchase of the Battle Pass: 1 V-Bucks, Neymar equipment;
  • Taking the Death Fishing Pack: 1 V-Bucks.

The listed gifts are awarded if the player complies with the rules of the promotion or a promotional purchase is made.

Codes for skins (Harley Quinn and Psycho) in Fortnite

In the game in question, codes for Harley Quinn, Psycho and Wild Cat are relevant. The skin can be purchased without using a promotional code. You just need to be in the leading positions of battles and take an active part in promotional events.

Skin on Harley Quinn:

  • V11B0-HPSI4-6F653-6580U;
  • 6FQ5C-PD10P-QP20Y-1JFOP;
  • 28W00-H5294-VZ26T-HQZ52.

Skin codes

Skin Psycho:

  • FD8U2-S54KG-G157B-U3LSV;
  • L1JMP-34Z33-38J4Q-6LP34;
  • CAYPB-UL443-AA5B9-M22SW.

Wild Cat Skin:


To get a skin after registration You need to complete more than one game.

Important! Skin codes have a certain expiration date. If the selected option does not work, then this means that the limit has ended.

Codes for bucks in Fortnite

The main game currency in Fortnite is V-bucks. On them you can buy all game buns. For this reason, free v-bucks codes are the most popular.

Important! Codes are limited. Therefore, if the code does not work, it means that it has expired.

The currently active codes are as follows:

  • AU9NJ-BLVHV-TCLJS-54YTB - 13500 v-bucks;
  • XEMPV-VSXEU-LI4FU-N1XOZ - 5000 v-bucks;
  • VEK1I-W2G9P-QA2VR-D121U - 2000 v-bucks;
  • BKS99-QAQWG-8CMRG-WE4TM - 1000 v-bucks.

Codes for bucks in Fortnite

Game currency can also be purchased in other ways. For example:

  • login reward: the login reward includes receiving in-game currency on certain days;
  • For completing quests, you can get about 50 V-Bucks every day;
  • a large amount of v-bucks can be obtained for completing tasks in events. In some events of the day, in order to increase the amount of V-bucks, it is possible to double the mini-bosses;
  • main quest line. It is divided into 4 zones. Each next zone is available after the number of quests has been determined. Each chain contains 6 Storm Shield defense quests. Reward after every 10 quests - 100 bucks;
  • side quests: some provide experience and other items, and some are issued in - bucks. After the main quest line is completed, side quests and new challenges arise.

To get v-bucks you need:

  1. Go to the website
  2. If the player has already been registered, then you need to log into the account. New users must go through the registration procedure.

V-bucks can also be purchased for real money in the virtual store.

Codes from cards can be entered only once and only in one account.

Codes for maps for Fortnite

One of the game modes in Fortnite is Box Fight. The setting takes place in a certain area. The number of rounds is limited and depends on the training map. Tournaments are organized on a regular basis, where you can get a prize.

There is a wide range of codes for cards:

  • 7620-0771-9529: the card that is usually chosen for streaming;
  • 0237-5278-6897: a location with a traditional setting;
  • 9664-2903-9280: location with random spawn;
  • 3080-7809-4388: a type of communication where you can discuss the conditions of the battle;
  • 7791-3416-8564: A good option for new players who want to learn how to properly use weapons;
  • 4078-8686-5479: Variety of buildings, players fight alone;
  • 9797-4432-7292: Simulation of solo gaming in a constantly changing environment;
  • 9773-1412-3961: sweepstakes matches are usually organised;
  • 4246-2010-3408: Script card.

Important! All codes for cards are free. They can be used any number of times.

How to activate a working promo code in Fortnite

The process of activating a working code in Fortnite is not complicated.

Important! When activating a promo code, there are a few things to keep in mind. Beginners can activate the promo code only after they follow the link After that, you need to register in the game and play a few battles. After the actions taken, the promo code will work and the player will receive the bonuses due to him.

Gift codes that are intended for a regular audience can be activated through your own profile. This requires:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Copy the working promo code and enter it in the required field.

Activation details

This procedure is carried out differently on game consoles. PS4 and PS5 users must complete the following steps:

  1. Go to PlayStation Store.
  2. At the top right of the screen is the nickname. It needs to be selected.
  3. In the system menu, select "Debt Repayment".
  4. In the menu that appears, enter the working promo code.

Important! Promotional codes in Fortnite are required to be entered exclusively in the version in which they are presented on the site. If at least one mistake is made, the promo code will not work.

Where to enter codes:

  1. Go to the official website
  2. Sign in to your own account or create a new one
  3. Create an "Account".

The menu will be on the left. Here you can enter your login information and more. In this menu, you must select "Enter Code". Then a page will open where there will be a special form for entering the code. The code fits into the empty period and is pressed to activate.

The money will be credited to your account. If this did not happen, then it is worth checking whether the numbers are entered correctly. It is also possible that a notification will appear stating that the code is not valid. If the code did not bring V-bucks for unknown reasons, then you need to contact the technical support service. To contact the technical support service, follow the link

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