Avatar: Actual promotional codes

The Avataria game is a full-fledged life simulator in which the user has absolute freedom of action. It can perform many interesting activities for free. The main functions of the game are available to all players. To use them, players have access to different types of currency and resources. You can buy everything you need for real money, earn in the game itself or get it for free using promotional codes. The last method is the simplest and most popular, so we will give a complete list of promotional codes available to the player for the Avataria game.

Avatar: Actual promotional codes

Features of the game Avataria

The fascinating online game Avataria allows the user to completely immerse themselves in the virtual life of the characters, make friends with other players, equip a house, develop a career, have fun at events, develop the skills and talents of the characters, and participate in festive events and competitions. To perform all these actions, the game provides a wide range of functionality, which includes:

  • a large selection of interior items, decorations, accessories, clothing, etc.;
  • various locations
  • mini-games and quests;
  • many types of interactions with other characters to develop relationships.

Two types of currency are used to purchase various items and interactions in the game:

  1. Gold is the most valuable currency, with which you can buy almost all premium items, clothes, furniture, VIP status and many other bonuses. Also, using gold, you can replenish the supply of silver.
  2. Silver is a minor currency used to purchase regular in-game items.

Avatar: Actual promotional codes

In addition to game currency, coupons are also available in the Avataria. With their help, you can purchase interior items and various premium items.

You can get currency, coupons and various items for a fee for real money or for free in one of the following ways:

  1. During holiday events. Usually, developers credit some gold coins or themed game items for the holidays on the following dates: January 1, February 14, February 23, March 8, April 1, May 1, May 9, June 19, October 31. To receive a small bonus, the player just needs to enter the game.
  2. Regular daily entry into the game. Every day the player receives various game items or currency. The more days in a row the game is open, the more valuable the prize will be received.
  3. Get a job in the game. Choosing the profession of a gardener, make-up artist, garbage collector and any other type of activity allows the player to start performing various tasks for which game currency and experience will be credited to the game account.
  4. Participate in the lottery. Every day the player receives game chips when entering the simulator. They can be used in the Wheel of Fortune lottery. One chip is charged for one rotation of the wheel. If the arrow stops in front of any prize, it will automatically be credited to the player.
  5. Use promo codes.

Let's take a closer look at promo codes.

Where to get Avataria codes

Promotional codes for the game Avataria are always distributed free of charge. Their peculiarity is that they are valid for a limited number of times and for time. After the introduction of a promotional code by a certain number of players, it becomes invalid. Usually the number of players who can enter the code does not exceed 1 people.

You can find promotional codes on the official social networks of the game and on streams.

The official pages of the Avataria application in social networks are given below:

  1. VKontakte - https://vk.com/avataryaclub/.
  2. Odnoklassniki — https://ok.ru/avatariaclub/.
  3. My World https://my.mail.ru/community/igra_avatarija/.
  4. Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/avatariaclubgame/.
  5. Twitter - https://twitter.com/avataria_game/.

You can watch streams with promotional codes on two platforms:

  1. YouTube video hosting - https://www.youtube.com/c/avataria/.
  2. Twitch video streaming service - https://www.twitch.tv/avatariaclub/.

Attention! In addition to standard distributions in social networks and on streams, you can get promotional codes by participating in contests held on the group's social networks. The simplest are repost contests, in which winners are chosen and developers send them special promotional codes. You can also get a promotional code in creative contests (for example, draw art, guess an encrypted object in a photo, come up with a verse or caption for a picture, etc.).

Avatar promotional codes for May 2024:

Avatar promo codes for gold

You can get gold coins in the Avataria simulator by entering the following promotional codes:

  • pr_VKv5L3nW - two units of gold;
  • pr_TW3sjNRL and pr_VKLOG64N — five gold coins;
  • pr_AF3NHBJ - 100 gold;
  • pr_TWR10tal - 150 gold;
  • pr_TWTnBXK8 - 500 gold coins;
  • pr_ACB6year pr_MODUMHbA9Y - medium birthday gift with gold and other items;
  • dipper2021 - 555 gold coins + 259 items vase of lights;
  • avahunter349 - random amount of gold + decorative tree;
  • avaaprilfun - 1 gold coins + 200 Easter egg items.

Promo codes in Avataria for today

Daily promotional codes in the Avataria game are valid for 23 hours. Their term expires at 00:XNUMX Moscow time. The following codes are currently active in the simulator:

  • pr_VKan6T5 - hidden gift;
  • pr_VK6tbtE2 - hidden gift;
  • pr_VK2eTbv - hidden gift;
  • pr_VKf4rT5 - hidden gift;
  • pr_VK5kK4a - hidden gift;
  • pr_VK5tj6bG - hidden gift;
  • pr_VKxxS1e - hidden gift;
  • pr_VK3M1Sa - wooden table (valid on vk.com);
  • pr_YTIzvvsV – Aboriginal Totem unique item;
  • pr_OKt6G4Mf - coffee table "Bachelor" (valid on ok.ru);
  • pr_YTrKQ6bE - a hidden gift.
  • pr_AUmdskb
  • pr_TW6bdkRd
  • pr_TWFLOksq
  • pr_TWV25NoV
  • pr_tgcTWSR25Bv
  • pr_TGhuTJFY
  • pr_TWariaME1f0
  • pr_TWk2wWG4
  • pr_TWbU1Lob
  • pr_TW6jLZD7
  • pr_TWTZ9IG8
  • pr_TWfFLa9t
  • pr_TW7rNmwE
  • pr_TWdarnhy
  • pr_TWqmXGB3
  • pr_tgcTWeW6RdP
  • pr_TW8cR3z0
  • pr_AUscho0l2
  • pr_TWIz49lv
  • pr_TWIbmawn
  • pr_TWrQ6Mv1

Promo codes Avataria VK

Only one promotional code is currently available for playing on the social network VKontakte - pr_VK3M1Sa. It allows the user to receive a wooden table as a gift.

Promo codes Avataria Odnoklassniki

For users of the Odnoklassniki platform, a promotional code pr_OKt6G4Mf is available for the Bachelor coffee table.

Streams Avatars promo codes

When watching online streams on video platforms on Twitch and YouTube, I managed to find the following codes for the Avataria game:

  • pr_PLe86kcw - five days of VIP status;
  • pr_tgcTWSlpYmT - 20 days of VIP status from the CHC;
  • pr_YTIzvvsV — Aboriginal Totem unique item;
  • pr_TWOHJHN three wrenches;
  • pr_DLWh7Qw7 - five small gifts;
  • pr_Pro624Jb - 10 brushes;
  • pr_okb8K3nW - 20 films;
  • pr_TWFFUFlI - 500 silver coins;
  • pr_TWOtmuXY - 30 cans of bugs;
  • pr_lCmcs4eE, pr_xqubsFj2, pr_LI1Yn1mS, pr_ghytuFr4, pr_TWZLzzV - random number of screws;
  • pr_TWb5rRab - three "Matryoshka" graffiti;
  • pr_TW4R2e7N - 15 units of glass;
  • pr_TWfQwBLu - three invigorating drinks;
  • pr_TW3votlK - 10 stats of generosity.

Where to enter bonus codes?

Using the promotional code in the Avataria game is very simple. To do this, you need to follow several steps in sequence:

  1. Launch game. After downloading, on the main screen in the upper right corner, click on the button in the form of a question mark ("Support" menu).Avatar: Actual promotional codes
  2. In the window that opens, at the very bottom, the “Promo code” button is available, you must click on it.Avatar: Actual promotional codes
  3. Next, a window with a text field opens in front of the user, in which it is necessary to copy the promotional code or enter it manually. After entering the alphanumeric combination, press the "Activate" button.Avatar: Actual promotional codes
  4. If the promo code was entered correctly, the user will receive a notification about the gift credited to the account. And he will just need to press the "Pick up" button. This completes the process of entering the bonus code.Avatar: Actual promotional codes

The online simulator Avataria is much more interesting to play with all the necessary resources. Since they allow you to make the game more diverse, buy special items and play the way the user wants. The promotional codes that are presented in the article can help with this.

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